Free Trial Streaming
Free Trial Streaming


Why are you paying the cable satellite services $150 to $250 a month for several hundred channels, I can put 8000 channels under your finger tips for $39 a month for 2 TVs in HD. I can offer you every channel the cable services offer and more. I can give you channels you will never get from cable or satellite TV services for free.

Is it Legal?

Watching TV content streamed over the intenet is legal. However, it is not legal to download or record any material that is copyrighted. Some IPTV services stream content from servers that have recorded the content, and many times the content is copywrighted. Even though you are watching it as streamed, such as a movie-on-demand, since someone had to record the content in order for you to have this ability to watch, copywright laws may have been violated. This is why it does not have any VOD content.

It's 2019 it's time to cut the cord and contracts.
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