Audio Team San Francisco, California
Price USD 500 - 800
Can perform at this events:
Weddings Birthdays VIP Event Festival Engagement Party Bar Private Party Company Family Events Others

About Us.

after living in williamsburg, brooklyn performing his orignal tunes at small dive bars and coffee shops in the city, richard cortez returned to his hometown to record his debut record entitled craving something beautiful. shortly after recording this massive string driven collection of intimate songs with both music and lyrics by cortez, the little songwriter hit the road with his cellist greg bortnichak conquering small gay bars and underground music hang-outs along the east coast. richard is currently in the process of editing and recording 2 new records to be released this year. one of which is live. , unreleased songs, free downloads, tour information and don't forget to sign the mailing list to keep yourself posted on the doings of this little singer-songwriter. we appreciate your constant support in this independent musical endeavor and hope you enjoy richard's debut record craving something beautif

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Latin, Pop