Dual Cortez Sacramento, California
Price USD 200 - 800
New Age
Can perform at this events:
Weddings Birthdays VIP Event Festival Engagement Party Bar Family Events

About Us.

Born and raised in the central California city of Fresno, A.C. was first influenced by his guitar playing Father. He played, like many young musicians, in the school music programs. Although without any formal music training, i accepted into the High school Jazz band. He eventually taught himself the basics of reading music and won awards for Outstanding Musicianship? at the Reno Jazz Festival because of his formidable guitar solos. The judges thought I was faking the reading. It didn't matter, because we had a hell of a rhythm section, and most of them couldn't read so great either.

Like many young guitar slingers of his generation, A.C. was mesmorized by Stevie Ray Vaughan. But, with a keen ear and an introspective lyricism, A.C. has become a skilled songwriter. His personal appearances have a take no prisoners approach which; along with a healthy dose of humor, usually gets even the toughest audience on his side.

With a performance schedule that might make lesser musicians opt to take up with a good book and a glass of wine, I has a strong work ethic and undiminishing ambition. I just want to play for the people. They understand what we?re about. If we do right by the people then I think we?ll be around for awhile.

As a young entertainer, vividly entertaining in person, he remains just that. He likes guitars, girls and camping. Yet the moment he enters the room, especially with an axe on his hip, you can see why there is nothing on earth that he as a person can?t entertain. He tells jokes onstage, even taunting some houses with Don Rickles like heckling. Getting the audience on his side from the start, his numerous songs can often captivate sit down audiences just as well as dancing and drinking crowds. Whether it's a television show theme song for a quick laugh, or his impressive musical talent, proving to be one of the more prolific guitarist/vocalist/ songwriters coming into there own in the early new century.

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Tele Tom