What is AudioGig.com ?

AudioGig.com is a web application that source gigs to help connect audience and independent artist's. We take care of the technical stuff so artists can concentrate on writing, touring and performing. It's really about time they get paid for the great acts that they make.


Our motivation for the site is to bring an artist's to more fans and to deliver more music to the public.

We use online technology to benefit the music community, the artist and the public.

What we want to accomplish.

We aim to:

  • Create a market for the independent music artist.
  • Provide the online community with a wide range of music and artists.
  • Explore new ways of promoting artists and music online.
  • Be our partner.

    We understand your passion for music and independence. We want to showcase your music and talents an easy way for you to reach more fans. Let this new technology work for you now.

    The internet changed the way people reach and find new artists and new music. It presents new opportunities for us, the artist and the music community.

    Things are finally changing in favor of the indie artist.

    Let us take care of the technical stuff so you can concentrate on writing, touring and performing.

    We want to be your partner in promoting and marketing your talents.

    Why we DO NOT charge any inclusion fee.

    We do accept donations from audience and artist after the successful gigs and this somehow offset our online business that involves things like a server or web host, bandwidth for streaming and downloading songs, storage space, manpower, marketing activities and many other stuff. This is the reason why some online music outfits screen and limit the number of artists/bands on their sites or accepts any band but charge a very high fee for inclusion on their site.

    We don't want to do this. We want every interested artist to be featured on our site.

    We take care of the technical stuff so you can concentrate on writing and performing your music.

    Obviously, it will take a lot of money to maintain such a site. This is why we highly encourage for donations.

    This donations would enable us to do two really important things:

  • List more artists and songs in our site and
  • Give us to market your talents.